Thursday, April 7, 2011

Your Dolly Lama is here!

Hello everyone!

I am Amy lee, but feel free to call me Dolly <3

I am very much new to Blogger, and i thought i might start one up, as i also have a youtube. so I am just expanding myself out more (´・ω・`)

So why make a Blogger?
Good questions, and i will explain why.

All my life i have wanted to reach out and help others, weather they are just having a bad day or they are finding it hard to cope with everyday life, I always seem to be the person all my friends turn to first, and i love and respect that fact, because helping people feel better is what i feel my life is all about. (^v^)
So my dream job is to become a welfare worker, and then maybe later later on become a psychologist.

But with helping people, I have also had this huge love for fashion and beauty and i have loved helping all my friends look good, because the look on there face when they see that outfit on or even them shoes, and i helped them choose it. WOW! words cant even explain how glad i am to be able to help them feel good. (and look good as well! (*^▽^*) )

So now to get to the bottom line of the whole reason i am making a blogger (and a youtube) is so i can be the person you can come to on the internet.
Knowing that i could be able to help others in the world feel good and look good would be such a huge thing for me, it would make my life so much better <3

What will you blog about?

I will probably blog about mental health awareness, and just tips on how to feel better about your life in general. also i will chuck in how to look as good as you feel (*´▽`*) which just goes hand in hand really.

So please! check back here every couple of days.
Feel free to ask me questions. 

I don't judge, i have a very open mind. 

Be kind to yourself x

-Glitter Girl x

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  1. You're gorgeous doll! I look forward to stalking your blog. ;)