Sunday, April 10, 2011

My must have for winter.


So I was just browsing threw my Favorite website which is
and I must say I am loving this season's winter collection so much!
so I pretty much picked my favorite 13 picks, and I will go threw them all and explain why I am in love with them so much <3

1. Khaki Cargo pants; I believe these are a MUST HAVE! the khaki color is so big this winter and it will pretty much go with anything you have in your winter wardrobe.

2. Faux fur coat; So the moment I saw this coat, I was like "I HAVE TO HAVE THIS!" is it so cool, and fur is back <3 (fake fur of course! (´・ω・`) ) this will definitely keep you warm this winter.

3. The leather jacket; If your not planning on buying must this winter, but you wanna have something you can just chuck on and still be warm, I highly recommend a leather jacket, it will never go out of fashion and so you can wear it over and over again. its a great buy!

4. The knit cape;  The cape.. dress it up or dress it down, hang it off your shoulder, the choose is yours! the cape is almost like the next thing to a cardigan.

5.Leopard print Heels;  The 50's are here this winter so step back in time with these hotties, pair them with a little black dress, a bit of red lipstick and your ready to rock n roll!

6. Crop Fashion tee; The one you see in the picture has jewels on it, the boho/ hippy look is always hot in winter, pair this with a black maxi skirt and some brown or black boots. its a very good festival look.

7. Long knit Cardigan; The cardigan is a great winter look, this season add this to a cute little dress and knee high socks, for a school girl look. 

8. Loafer Pumps;  These Pumps are very 70's/80's, so these will go well with flair jeans or pants and a cute crop tee.

9. Stripe long sleeved cotton dress; This dress is pretty much a blank canvas' you can just put this on and layer it up! have fun with this style dress.

10. Print see-threw dress; This is something you could wear out for dinner, or just going to the supermarket, just add some black printed stockings and a long cardigan and your ready to go.

11. Maxi Skirt; So if you wore the maxi skirt this spring/summer, don't be afraid to wear it this winter either. It's long so you wont get to cold, and it will look great with layer-on tops and jumpers.

12. Cotton shorts; We all love looking like a sailor, and it was a great look in spring/summer, so once again and awesome summer look is gonna be awesome in winter, just put on some black or skin color stockings, and a striped shirt with a sailor style coat with gold buttons and your ready to take sail!

13. Rocker Boots; everyone looks hot in rocker boots, and they look great with everything! its a must buy for winter/autumn.


So there you go  (*^▽^*)
 just some of my helpful tips on what to wear this winter.
have fun with layering and different prints and color's

I hope this help, if you have any questions.. just drop me a line in the comment box below

-Glitter Girl x

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