Sunday, April 10, 2011

My must have for winter.


So I was just browsing threw my Favorite website which is
and I must say I am loving this season's winter collection so much!
so I pretty much picked my favorite 13 picks, and I will go threw them all and explain why I am in love with them so much <3

1. Khaki Cargo pants; I believe these are a MUST HAVE! the khaki color is so big this winter and it will pretty much go with anything you have in your winter wardrobe.

2. Faux fur coat; So the moment I saw this coat, I was like "I HAVE TO HAVE THIS!" is it so cool, and fur is back <3 (fake fur of course! (´・ω・`) ) this will definitely keep you warm this winter.

3. The leather jacket; If your not planning on buying must this winter, but you wanna have something you can just chuck on and still be warm, I highly recommend a leather jacket, it will never go out of fashion and so you can wear it over and over again. its a great buy!

4. The knit cape;  The cape.. dress it up or dress it down, hang it off your shoulder, the choose is yours! the cape is almost like the next thing to a cardigan.

5.Leopard print Heels;  The 50's are here this winter so step back in time with these hotties, pair them with a little black dress, a bit of red lipstick and your ready to rock n roll!

6. Crop Fashion tee; The one you see in the picture has jewels on it, the boho/ hippy look is always hot in winter, pair this with a black maxi skirt and some brown or black boots. its a very good festival look.

7. Long knit Cardigan; The cardigan is a great winter look, this season add this to a cute little dress and knee high socks, for a school girl look. 

8. Loafer Pumps;  These Pumps are very 70's/80's, so these will go well with flair jeans or pants and a cute crop tee.

9. Stripe long sleeved cotton dress; This dress is pretty much a blank canvas' you can just put this on and layer it up! have fun with this style dress.

10. Print see-threw dress; This is something you could wear out for dinner, or just going to the supermarket, just add some black printed stockings and a long cardigan and your ready to go.

11. Maxi Skirt; So if you wore the maxi skirt this spring/summer, don't be afraid to wear it this winter either. It's long so you wont get to cold, and it will look great with layer-on tops and jumpers.

12. Cotton shorts; We all love looking like a sailor, and it was a great look in spring/summer, so once again and awesome summer look is gonna be awesome in winter, just put on some black or skin color stockings, and a striped shirt with a sailor style coat with gold buttons and your ready to take sail!

13. Rocker Boots; everyone looks hot in rocker boots, and they look great with everything! its a must buy for winter/autumn.


So there you go  (*^▽^*)
 just some of my helpful tips on what to wear this winter.
have fun with layering and different prints and color's

I hope this help, if you have any questions.. just drop me a line in the comment box below

-Glitter Girl x

Friday, April 8, 2011

Ana is a bitch!

Today i wanna talk about Ana, for those who don’t know Ana, I’m going to explain. .Ana can be a Boy or a Girl; Ana can be with your sister, best friend or even your mum, Ana affects 70 million people worldwide; Ana can be black or white and everything in between, Ana... is a serial killer.

So i was Browsing the internet two days ago and found this Fantastic cause, “The butterfly Foundation” is was founded in August 2002 by Claire Vickery, The butterfly foundation is a community based charitable organisation that supports eating disorder sufferers and their carers, i did find out a lot of information about eating disorders and how is affect’s people,  but it came to my attention today that there is this thing called “pro-Ana”  Wikipedia said; Pro-Ana refers to the promotion of anorexia nervosa as a lifestyle choice rather than an eating disorder.  But what i didn’t know until i went on to Wiki was there is another just likes pro-Ana, this one is called Pro-Mia, it is the lesser-used term, Pro-Mia refers likewise to bulimia nervosa.

So what is with this? i clicked on this “Pro-Ana” website, it shares details about Fasting, the best ways to vomit, and it shows Photos for “thinspiration”  (but to me these photo are really Gross..) This page tells you “40 good reasons to be thin.”  I found my top three worse reasons within their 40 good reasons; Number three goes to “36. Food is mean and sneaky. It tricks you into eating it and it works on you from the inside out making you fat, bloated, ugly and unhappy” number 2 goes too “21.Hunger is your friend and it won't betray you like food”, and the number one worse reasons goes to “11. Have you ever seen a person not notice a walking skeleton?”  When i was reading all 40 of them, i couldn’t stop thinking “What the fuck??” it was so horrible, i watched videos of thinspiration, and i wonder why?  Why would you do this? So many people are dying from this illness, yet the people who support pro-Ana don’t see it that way, they see it as a choice, just like someone who doesn’t to eat animal product, to them it’s the same moral.

A lot of people blame the media for more and more supporters of pro-Ana, but then i can’t help but agree with that, if you see all these photos of models and celebrities and then compare them with your body, no wonder people want to be skinny it’s a fake, photo shopped image of someone, while i was looking around this pro-Ana website i notice one thing it said, this quote made me think “hater’s of pro-Ana are just Jealous that we take our diet to the next level. We turn ours into a life style, and we learn to control ourselves”... Pro-Ana is basically all about control, it’s about forcing yourself to love Ana, it about forcing yourself to stay in this secret dark place,  if you have control over what you eat, you have control over everything. Perfection is what Pro-Ana supporter aim for.

If you are a Pro-Ana supporter or you have an eating disorder, seek help... Because we both know that you’re not truly happy inside, 

-Glitter Girl x

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Your Dolly Lama is here!

Hello everyone!

I am Amy lee, but feel free to call me Dolly <3

I am very much new to Blogger, and i thought i might start one up, as i also have a youtube. so I am just expanding myself out more (´・ω・`)

So why make a Blogger?
Good questions, and i will explain why.

All my life i have wanted to reach out and help others, weather they are just having a bad day or they are finding it hard to cope with everyday life, I always seem to be the person all my friends turn to first, and i love and respect that fact, because helping people feel better is what i feel my life is all about. (^v^)
So my dream job is to become a welfare worker, and then maybe later later on become a psychologist.

But with helping people, I have also had this huge love for fashion and beauty and i have loved helping all my friends look good, because the look on there face when they see that outfit on or even them shoes, and i helped them choose it. WOW! words cant even explain how glad i am to be able to help them feel good. (and look good as well! (*^▽^*) )

So now to get to the bottom line of the whole reason i am making a blogger (and a youtube) is so i can be the person you can come to on the internet.
Knowing that i could be able to help others in the world feel good and look good would be such a huge thing for me, it would make my life so much better <3

What will you blog about?

I will probably blog about mental health awareness, and just tips on how to feel better about your life in general. also i will chuck in how to look as good as you feel (*´▽`*) which just goes hand in hand really.

So please! check back here every couple of days.
Feel free to ask me questions. 

I don't judge, i have a very open mind. 

Be kind to yourself x

-Glitter Girl x